The last two months have been a unique time in this century's history forcing everyone to put away their old version of normal and adopt a new version dictated by social responsibility. Our club tryouts are yet another event that we'll be doing differently in order to adapt to the pandemic that we are entrenched in. This year, we will be executing our tryouts completely online.

We are asking NEW Players wishing to join Heat United Soccer Club to participate in our NEW PLAYER TRYOUT PROCESS below.

All current Heat United players have been evaluated throughout their time playing in the 2019/2020 season and may register in the CURRENT PLAYER TRYOUT PROCESS below.

For those not sure which age group your son or daughter belongs in for the upcoming season, please see the following age group chart:



Birth Year 2020-2021 2021-2022
2013 U8 U9
2012 U9 U10
2011 U10 U11
2010 U11 U12
2009 U12 U13
2008 U13 U14
2007 U14 U15
2006 U15 U16
2005 U16 U17
2004 U17 U18
2003 U18 U19
2002 U19  


Step 1: Complete our tryout registration form here (no charge for tryout registration):

HUSC 2020-21 Tryout Registration

Step 2: Players should create a series of videos of themselves completing all FOUR skill tasks shown here. If you would rather set up a live virtual call so we can actively watch your son/daughter perform these 4 technical skills we'd be happy to host one with you! Please email our Director of Coaching below.

  1. Zig-zag dribbling - (Click for Video)
  2. Rollover dribbling - (Click for Video)
  3. Dribbling at Speed & Changing Direction - (Click for Video)
  4. Passing & Receiving - (Click for Video)
  5. OPTIONAL: Juggle: How many juggles can you catch on camera?
  6. OPTIONAL: Driven shot: If you have space in your backyard or access to a field, get a video of you taking hard shots
  7. OPTIONAL: Shuttle Run: How fast can you run and change direction?

Step 3: Once recorded please submit your virtual tryout video entries (At least 4) using the link at the bottom of this section:

HUSC WeTransfer Video Upload

When submitting on the WeTransfer web site, please include the following information in the video file email (In the Message Box):

  • Your email: Primary Parent Email
  • Message box: First & Last Name of Player

PLEASE NOTE: Players may also submit game film. If you do so, please include the position you’re playing in the game clip, your jersey number in the game, and the jersey color of the team you are playing on.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Video entries will be accepted through Sunday, June 5, 2020


You are not required to submit videos for tryout as the coaches have already been observing your player for the 8 months prior to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Step 1: Complete our tryout registration form here (no charge for tryout registration):

HUSC 2020-21 Tryout Registration

Step 2: See below for additional information



If our Northeast region of Illinois is able to progress to “Restore Illinois” Phase 4 by the end of the summer (allowing gatherings of up to 50 coaches/players), we will also hold an on-site event for each age group to evaluate players on the field (~August). Timing of this event is dependent on when the government and/or Illinois Youth Soccer Association grants us permission to do so. All new players will have the opportunity to attend this event when we have firm dates and able to get outside.


New and existing players who are selected through their virtual tryout videos will be contacted directly by a coach for one of the following two reasons:

  1. Player is offered a spot on the roster.
  2. If additional information is needed.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a live virtual call, please reach out to our Director of Coaching:

  • Director of Coaching Kristopher Grabner

    Kristopher Grabner


    Coach Kris has been playing soccer since 1973 and has coached thirty seasons at Huntley High School. His thirty seasons include seven Fox Valley Conference Championships, thirteen Regional titles, four Sectional titles, and a Final Four appearance.

    Kris is passionate about soccer, golf, and his family. He has spent 46 years playing and/or coaching soccer. He holds a (USSF) National "D" License. Kris was a two sport athlete in college. He was an All-America tennis player at Lewis and Clark Community College in his hometown of Godfrey, Illinois. Kris went on to play and captain his team at Illinois State University where is named to the All Missouri Valley Conference Team.

HUSC is committed to helping young players improve their skills, stamina, teamwork and enjoyment of the great game of soccer. The goal is to ensure that the players learn the game thoroughly, from the ground up, and are prepared to continue progressing through to advanced levels of competition.

All HUSC teams work with a professional trainer and USSF certified / licensed coaches. HUSC is affiliated with IYSA (Illinois Youth Soccer Association) and the IWSL (Illinois Women’s Soccer League).