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General Information:

Heat United Soccer Club invites you to attend our 8th annual Nike Heat Cup. Our 8th annual tournament will be held in Huntley, Illinois from: Friday, August 16th through Sunday, August 18th 2019

Bring your players out to compete against some of the best teams in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs in a fun competitive environment. Kickoff your Fall 2019 season with a great pre-season tune-up tournament on expansive, well maintained, all-grass fields while staying away from city traffic.

The Nike Heat Cup offers:

  • • Club discounts for multiple team sign-up
  • • Competitive Flights
  • • 3 game minimum
  • • Online electronic registering of all documents for easy check-in.
  • • FREE Parking
  • • Lighted Fields
  • • Food Vendors on-site
  • • Medical tent staffed with certified personnel
  • • U8-U10 all players to receive medals, U9-U10 1st and 2nd place trophies will also be awarded.
  • • U11 and up trophies and medals for 1st and 2nd place.

All fields are conveniently located just a few minutes north of the intersection of Interstate-90 and Route 47 in beautiful suburban Huntley.


For any club that registers up to 3 teams, each team will receive a $50.00 discount. If a club reaches 5 registered teams, each team will receive a $75.00 discount.

Dates: August 16th-18th, 2019
Registration Deadline: August 2nd, 2019
Location: Tomaso Sports Park, 11950 Ackman Rd. Huntley, IL 60142
Team Fees:

  • • U8: COED (4v4) $350.00
  • • U9-U10: $550.00
  • • U11-U12: $650.00
  • • U13-U15: $700.00
  • • Girls HS: $700.00


For the Nike Heat Cup registration process, we are requesting all teams to follow our electronic registration process. Please fill out the applicable forms below electronically, then you can save, print and sign. Once complete, scan and upload all the required paperwork to your tournament registered GotSoccer.com account. If technical difficulties do arise we will accept completed/signed and scanned documents emailed to: heatunitedtd@gmail.com. Please use this as a last resort.



Usually you get your state roster via the league web site that you belong to. If you have players from two club teams, please provide CSR’s from both teams. The State Roster provides proof that your players and team are insured through your state organization.

PREFERRED METHOD: Create your roster via GotSoccer and submit.

  • • Login to your team's GotSoccer account, select the "Event Registration" tab.
  • • When you registered for the tournament, our tournament should be listed near the top.
  • • Click the blue “Roster” button on the far right of the page corresponding with this tournament
  • • In the section called “Roster Creator”, you may create your initial roster using your current team roster (Blue Generate Roster button) or copy from a prior tournament roster (dropdown box + "Copy" button)
  • • To remove a player from the active tournament roster, select the orange "Deactivate" button for that player
  • • To add a player who is on one of your other club teams, select the Orange "Add Club Pass Player" button at the upper right of the Roster creator area. GotSoccer will only permit you to add players of the same birth year or younger from other club teams
  • • Once you have completed roster creation, click the Green "Notify" button near the "Notify Registrar" section above the Roster creator section. This will notify our registrar that your roster is complete.

NOTE: All of the above instructions assume that your team's roster (or club) is already entered in GotSoccer. If you are part of a club account, and your roster isn't "quite right" due to recent movement after tryouts, use the "Add Club Pass Player" feature to grab the player from another team (ie player who isn't yet assigned to the team, or player who moved from lower team to higher team). If the player is new to your club, they must be registered with your club before you can use the Club Pass feature.

ALTERNATE METHOD (ie the "Old Way") If this method is not workable (ie GotSoccer outage or some other act of Murphy's law), we will ask you to complete the IYSA tournament roster form and e–mail it to us at the e–mail provide above. The IYSA tournament roster form is available here:

Please upload all waivers in a single document, (or grouped in 2 or 3 documents if possible). All non-IYSA players must submit this form. No player will be allowed to participate without a signed form, it must be an IYSA medical form and no substitutes or alterations will be accepted. For IYSA players, upload is optional but per IYSA rules you are required to have the EMR&LW with the coach or team manager at all games. Any player who is missing an uploaded copy of the EMR&LW must have a paper copy to be checked with the player passes at check-in. We highly recommend you upload these forms to avoid needing them at check-in. This will keep the check-in process quick and easy with less paperwork required in hand for your team.

All teams must submit this form.

5.) FORM NT (NT)
For teams not affiliated with IYSA/USYS (ie US Club Soccer), this form must be filled out along with a current Certificate of Liability insurance effective for the dates of the tournament.

Issued by home state association ("Notification to Travel"). For teams traveling from outside Illinois, a completed and approved Travel Permission form must be provided. This form confirms that your state's association, who provides your team's liability insurance, has approved your travel out of state.

For non-State–affiliated tournament teams, individual tournament players, or out of state teams that might need additional insurance, please see www.illinoisyouthsoccer.org for more information and procedures for securing travel insurance.

Guest Player forms are no longer required to be submitted to the tournament host. The guest player pass will be proof that the lending coach has approved. NOTE: Due to insurance requirements, USYS teams can only have guest players from other USYS teams. US Club teams can only have guest players from other US Club teams.


To make it easier for your team files to be accepted and organized electronically, please include the following in the file name: Club, Age Group/Gender, and the acronym of the file being uploaded. To help keep file names short, the acronyms are listed next to each form under the required documents. Please use PDF format.

Example: Heat United U12Boys RMC.pdf
  1.) Log into Gotsoccer.com to register your team.
  2.) Under "Event Registration History", choose "2019 Nike Heat Cup".
  3.) On "My Events" page, click on the "Documents" tab.
  4.) In "File Name/Description", put the name of the file using the format shown in the example.
  5.) "Browse" to locate the file you want to upload. Double click on it.
  6.) Click "Upload File".
  7.) Repeat for remaining docs.

The verified status will change from a “?” to a check mark, once all the docs have been reviewed.


Check-in will be open starting at 4pm Friday and 7am Saturday

At least 1 hour prior to check-in, or 1.5 hours prior if you were missing paperwork by the 8/2 deadline, you will need...

Player Passes
  • Each player must have a current USYSA or US Club player pass.
  • Player passes will be checked at the check-in tent and at each game by the field marshal.
  • Players can be rostered on only ONE team and play for only ONE team.
  • Any player without a pass will not be allowed to play **
  • Passes will be banded together at check-in.

** We understand that due to early season timing of our tournament, there may be last-minute player additions. At the VERY LEAST, the player must be rostered with a league through your club (this ensures they are insured). If they are part of your official State Roster (through your league) but you do not have the pass printed yet, please create & laminate a temporary pass using a small screenshot of their league registration showing player photo (or screenshot of their "Mobile Pass" for YSSL/IWSL leagues). ANY EXCEPTIONS TO THIS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR OR ASST DIRECTOR

Any last minute player forms and/or roster changes. Please make sure any players listed that are not playing are lined out and additional players are listed, as player passes must match roster.

Any required paperwork questions can be directed to ginasandora@heatunited.com

Game Schedule

Click on the link below to see the tournament schedule.
Game Schedule


All games shall be played in accordance with the laws observed by FIFA, USYSA and the IYSA with the exceptions noted herein.


U15 and up (11v11)
  • Max players on roster-22
  • Max players per game-18
  • 70 minutes (2x35)
  • 5-minute halftime
  • #5 ball will be used

U13 - U14 (11v11)
  • Max players on roster-18
  • Max players per game-18
  • 70 minutes (2x35)
  • 5-minute halftime
  • #5 ball will be used

U11 - U12 (9v9)
  • Max players on roster-16
  • Max players per game-16
  • 60 minutes (2x30)
  • 5-minute halftime
  • #4 ball will be used

U9 - U10 (7v7)
  • Max players on roster-14
  • Max players per game-14
  • 50 minutes (2x25)
  • 5-minute halftime
  • #4 ball will be used

U8 (4v4)
  • Max players on roster-12
  • Max players per game-12
  • 40 minutes (4x10)
  • 3-minutes between quarters
  • #3 ball will be used


  U19 birth year 2001
  U18 birth year 2002
  U17 birth year 2003
  U16 birth year 2004
  U15 birth year 2005
  U14 birth year 2006
  U13 birth year 2007
  U12 birth year 2008
  U11 birth year 2009
  U10 birth year 2010
  U09 birth year 2011
  U08 birth year 2012


Guest players as follows: 3 guest players will be allowed for U8-U12, 5 guest players for U13 and up if they are registered with the USYSA or US Club, have a current USYSA or US Club player pass. Players from within the same club of the team are not considered guest players and do not need to be declared as such.

US Club players may only guest with US Club teams and USYS players may only guest on USYS teams. Rosters will be locked-in at Check-in and all players will only be rostered on 1 team for the duration of the tournament.

  • Teams must be ready to play at scheduled times for all games.
  • Home team is listed first on schedule and is required to change uniform if colors conflict.
  • Home team sits on North/West end of field and has first kick-off. Teams switch sides at halftime.
  • Head Referee shall have final approval of all equipment, see below for specifics.
  • Players are to be on one side of the playing field and spectators on the opposite side.
  • No more than 3 coaches may coach from the player side. There is NO COACHING from the spectator side.
  • No persons will be permitted to sit or loiter along the goal lines of the field.
  • U8 (4v4) No goalkeepers, no offside rule. Build out line will be the centerline for goal kicks.
  • U9-U10 (7v7) Build out line rules from US Soccer are observed, see “BUILD OUT LINE” section below for specifics. Offside rule is enforced.
  • U11-U12 (9v9) No heading U11 and under, see below for specifics.
  • The schedule is subject to change at any time, please review your schedules regularly.
  • Schedule changes will be posted on GotSoccer tournament web site; please check site.
  • All games will end no later than 5 minutes prior to the starting time of the next scheduled game.
  • The only exception to this rule is for playoff games.


Shin guards and adequate footwear is required. Per FIFA Law #4: "A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to themselves or another player." No glasses or jewelry (earrings, watches, necklaces, nose piercings; you may NOT simply tape over jewelry). Sport goggles only. Only devices made for sport play may be worn. Medical bracelets are permitted. Any orthopedic device must be approved by the Head Referee/Ref Assignor at Check–in before your team’s first tournament game, please show up early in case the Ref Assignor must be called over from other duties. If the device is approved, field referees will honor the equipment as long as the device stays intact and does not become dangerous for play. The ultimate goal is field safety for both the player with the device and the players around him/her. We hope you understand we will do our best to get every player on the field without comprising safety.

HEADING BAN (U11 and under)

US Soccer has banned heading for players aged 10 and younger (U11 and younger age brackets) at all Youth Soccer activities. All U11 and younger players are prohibited from heading the ball (even if they are 11). A purposeful header by a player in a U11 or younger age bracket shall result in an indirect free kick awarded to the opponent. An "incidental" header (as judged by the referee) shall not incur a foul. NOTE: If a player age 10 or younger is playing in an older age group, the coach shall discourage heading the ball. At no time will the referee be responsible for judging the age of any players in a U12 or older age group.

BUILD OUT LINE (U9/U10, 7v7)

The build out line shall be mid-way between the top of the penalty box and the centerline in each half marked as a line or by marking cones on each touch line. When the keeper has the ball in his or her hands during play from the opponent, the opposing team must retreat behind the build out line until the ball is put into play. If the opposing team repetitively or intentionally delays their retreat, the offending player(s) may be cautioned by the referee for unsporting behavior. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the keeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play (punts and drop kicks are not allowed). After the ball is put into play by the keeper, the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal. "Put into play" is defined as once it leaves the goalkeeper's possession. During goal kicks “put into play” is defined as once the ball leaves the penalty area after the kick. The Build out line will also count as the line to assess where offside offenses occur. Players can only be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and goal line. A copy of US Soccer build out line details can be found here.


The tournament committee is defined as the Tournament Director, Assistant Tournament Director, and Referee Assignor. The tournament committee reserves the right to:

  • Reschedule, relocate, or terminate games due to weather conditions.
  • If half of the game has been played before the termination for weather conditions or tournament director decision, the game stands as a completed match and will be scored accordingly.
  • Reduce up to half, the duration of the game.
  • Cancel a preliminary game that has no bearing in deciding the group winner.
  • Decide the final tournament standings, trophy winners.
  • Cancel the tournament due to weather or other unforeseen conditions which are not conducive to tournament play.


No limit on substitutions. Players must leave and enter the field at the halfway line. Hi-fives or passing of the pinnie during transition is highly encouraged.

  • U8-U12 on the fly without referee consent (4v4, 7v7, 9v9 games)
  • U13 and up (11v11), substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times:
    • Throw in – Before a throw-in which is in your team’s favor. If team in possession subs, the other team is then permitted to sub.
    • Goal, Goal Kick, at half-time for either team
    • Injured player - If injured player is subbed, the other team is permitted to sub (1 for 1)
    • Yellow card - Only the player carded.

Games in the preliminary rounds will be scored as follows:

  • Win, 6 Points
  • Tie, 3 Points
  • Loss, 0 Points
  • 1 point per goal scored maximum 3 per game (no reward for running up the score)
  • 1 bonus point for a shutout, no points awarded for a 0-0 tie.
  • Forfeit, 10 Points (the maximum points that can be awarded)
  • Goal Differentials beyond 4 goals will not be counted in the scoring. (e.g. If you “bury” another team 12-0, only the first 4 goals will count in the goal differential).

NOTE: This is a pre-season "tune-up" tournament. Due to roster changes and new players it is possible for an opposing team to have an unexpectedly bad game. We firmly believe that sportsmanship starts with the coaching. If there is a significant disparity in competitive matchup with your team vs another, implementing restrictions such as you would use in a training session will "tune-up" your team better than a 12-0 win will.

Points are always the first criteria for any Division. In a Wildcard situation the 2nd place team from any bracket with the most points advances. In the event of a tie in points, we then follow the below criteria.
1. Head to head competition (If applicable)
2. Goal Differential (goals scored minus goals allowed), maximum 4 per game.
3. Fewest Goals Allowed
4. Most goals scored, maximum 6 per game
5. Kicks from the mark (aka "Penalty Kicks")

In the event of a multi-way tie, to decide team placement and/or Wild Card, the following criteria will be used to break the tie. Once a tiebreaker is used it is eliminated and you move to the next on the list. If, for example, 3 teams tie in points during preliminary rounds, the following list is used to eliminate one of the teams:

  • Head to head is still the first , however in a 3-team tied bracket, each has 2 wins & 1 Loss, Head to Head is eliminated since they all have 1 loss, and each has beaten the other in some way.
  • Move on to Goal Differential; 1 team is eliminated but 2 are still tied.
  • Move on to Fewest Goals allowed.
  • If it is still tied at this point, move on to Most Goals scored, or lastly Kicks from the Mark to eliminate one team.

Once the 3rd team has been eliminated, the remaining 2 teams are evaluated based upon the tie-breaker list in the prior paragraph.


No overtime periods will be played - teams will go directly to kicks from the mark (aka "penalty kicks")

  • There is a coin-toss to determine which team kicks first.
  • Each team will designate five players to take alternate penalty kicks; the best of five wins.
  • If a tie still exists, the remaining field players will take alternate penalty kicks until the tie is broken and there is a winner. This is not “sudden death” (first to score), both teams must take a kick to evaluate if still tied.
  • No player will be allowed a 2nd kick until all field players have had their first kick.
  • Only those players on the field at the end of the game are eligible to take penalty kicks. Players who were on the bench at the final whistle are not eligible for penalty kicks and MUST REMAIN ON THE SIDELINE UNTIL A WINNER IS DETERMINED.
  • Any on-field player may become or change places with the goalkeeper
  • If a goalkeeper is injured during the process, they may be substituted from any player on the team (including those on the bench).

All participants U8-U10 will receive medals. U9-U10 1st and 2nd place will also receive trophies. U11 and above will receive 1st and 2nd place trophies and medals.


A game will be forfeited if a team is more than 5 minutes late to a scheduled match. Game will begin on time when the minimum number of players are present.

  • U8 (4v4) minimum 3 players
  • U9-U10 minimum 5 players
  • U11-U12 minimum 6 players
  • U13 and up minimum 7 players.

A forfeit of a game will be scored a 3-0 for a total of 10 points. The tournament officials have absolute discretion to resolve all matters concerning forfeitures, as well as advancement of teams who have forfeited any games in group play.


All referee decisions are final. No protest will be heard on any judgment calls by the referee. VIDEO EVIDENCE WILL NOT BE USED TO REVERSE A JUDGEMENT CALL BY A REFEREE (e.g. who kicked a ball out of bounds or whether a red card was warranted). Video evidence could only be considered to establish that the referee applied an incorrect FIFA law (i.e. awarded a direct free kick instead of an indirect free kick), or that the opposing team cheated in some way out of view of the referee. All Protests must be submitted in writing to the tournament director within one hour after the completion of the game, along a $100 cash bond. If the protest is not upheld, the protest fee will not be refunded.


Any player or coach that receives a red card will be disqualified for the next game of the tournament. There will be no substituting allowed for a red carded player. Any player or coach that receives a second red card will be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament. Any violent acts such as “throwing a punch” shall be cause for immediate removal from the tournament.


The tournament committee and or director interpretation of the rules will be final. The tournament committee and sponsors, IYSA, and the Heat United Soccer Club, shall not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or individual if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part.

No alcoholic beverages or smoking are permitted

No verbal abuse of anyone is allowed including but not limited to: referees, tournament officials, and players.


Following US Soccer heat guidelines, the referees will implement mandatory 2 minute hydration breaks into each half of each match if needed (WBGT is 86 degrees F or higher). The game clock will continue to run during these breaks.

Tomaso Sports Park, operated by the Huntley Park District, has a lightning detection system. This system warns patrons and staff of actual lightning strikes within a 10-mile radius of the park. When lightning is detected, you will hear a 15-second horn blast and strobe lights will begin to flash. When this occurs ALL outdoor activities will immediately cease and all persons should seek shelter in a permanent building or vehicle immediately. Activities may only be resumed once the system has indicated the “all clear” with three – 5 second horn blasts and the strobe lights will stop flashing. You will also be able to access the current status of the lightning systems at HuntleyParks.org.

All matches in-progress at the time of the first horn blast are “frozen” at the instant of the horn blast. Any goals scored during or after the blast are not counted. The determination of this timing is made solely by the referee at the time of the horn blast. We will not accept video recordings to reverse a decision made at the field by the referee for this purpose.


Even though most concussions appear mild, all concussions are serious and may result in complications. In order to ensure player safety any player exhibiting signs of concussion must be removed from play immediately. If a player sustains a concussion the player may not return to play until they submit a signed clearance from a medical doctor. The Medical staff and Athletic Trainers will provide an IYSA concussion notification form after evaluating a player and determining a concussion may have occurred.


Tournament Maps & Directions

Tomaso Sports Park Address
11950 Ackman Rd
Huntley Illinois

Download Map
Google Map Directions

Mackeben Elementary Address
800 Academic Dr
Algonquin Illinois
Download Map
Google Map Directions

Event Parking Restriction Map

Please be aware that if you park on the roads surrounding the Tamoso you will get ticketed and towed.

Event Parking Restrictions Map


Interested in being a referee for the 2019 Nike Heat Cup? Contact Santiago Rubio at santirugi@gmail.com for more information.


Follow instructions below to sigh up. Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) Click this link to see our SignUp on SignUp.com:

2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.com.

Restaurant Guide

The Village of Huntley was kind enough to create a Restaurant Guide of the area for all tournament participants. Please download below.
Download Huntley Restaurant Guide