Member Meeting Information And Rules

Member Meeting Information And Rules

All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition.

If a member would like to add an issue to the agenda, then a member can do so by oral or written request to the secretary and subsequent approval by the President of the Club. To request an issue be added please email:

Order of Business
The order of business for all meetings shall be:

  • 1. Roll call
  • 2. Report of Directors
  • 3. Old Business
  • 4. New Business
  • 5. Report from appointed positions, committees and coordinators
  • 6. Adjournment

The Board of Directors shall meet monthly and may schedule any additional meetings as necessary to conduct the business of the Club. Additional meetings may be conducted in other ways, including but not limited to, in person, by telephone, by webinar, and/or serially by email. Should external circumstances require a Board meeting to be rescheduled or cancelled, or should there be no time sensitive business to transact, the President, or persons acting for the President, may cancel or reschedule the meeting provided appropriate notice is given.

One day notice of all member meetings and cancellations shall be given to all Board Members delivered by mail, email, telephone, or posting on the Club’s web site. A member meeting may be combined with a membership meeting. A Board meeting may be conducted without the President or the Vice President. ln such an instance, the Board meeting shall be presided over by a Board member agreed upon by a Quorum. With the exception of email meetings, a Quorum shall be a simple majority of the Board present and participating in the meeting. For email meetings, a Quorum shall be a simple majority of the entire Board.