To provide a fun, developmental competitive soccer experience for boys and girls living in or near the Northern Kane County area. To promote confidence and self-esteem through emphasis on individual soccer skill development, teamwork and sportsmanship in a positive competitive atmosphere. And to create a community that has a passion for the game of soccer.

Affiliated with the Huntley Park District , Heat United is a not-for-profit volunteer organization—we encourage your support to help us achieve our goals.

Heat United will contact everyone within a week after tryouts. If you have been contacted and told your player has made a Heat United team, your coach will contact you within a week of the coaches’ scheduling meeting with game schedule information, which is typically 4 weeks before the start of the season.

Sorry, NO REFUNDS are possible after you have registered. Make sure you and your child understand the commitment involved. If your child is considering participating in both soccer and some other organized youth sport such as baseball, football or hockey, be aware that you will experience many scheduling conflicts. Although it may seem possible to participate in two sports simultaneously, we strongly discourage this practice. Please discuss multiple sport participation with your team coach.

Heat United’s soccer year runs from August 1 and runs through July 31 of the following year, with a 8-10-game fall outdoor season and a 8-game spring outdoor season. There is a 8-game winter indoor season January through early March (winter session).

Club Soccer typically play home and away series with the other teams in their league. Away games are usually in the northwest suburbs, less than an hour drive. Home Game Fields can depend on your team's age group. Home games are played at:
  • Tomaso Sports Park

If your child wears eyeglasses, they must wear safety goggles over them or wear prescription sports eyeglasses.

No jewelry is allowed. This includes earrings, starter earrings, necklaces, bracelets (including Livestrong) or metal hair clips. The only exception are Medic Alert necklaces or bracelets, which may be worn only if fastened securely to the body with tape.

A full uniform must be purchased which includes 2 jerseys (home & away), 1 shorts, 1 pair of soccer socks, and 2 practice t-shirts. You need to supply your player’s shin guards and soccer shoes, plus a ball and water bottle to bring to every practice. Children with glasses must wear prescription sports goggles or safety goggles.

Layers may be worn UNDER the uniform (including long sweatpants). Hoods must be tucked into the jersey during play.

No, IYSA rules do not allow a child to play in a lower age group than indicated by his/her birthdate.

HUSC attempts to place every child on an age appropriate team. There may be some exceptions which are examined on a case by case basis. Final decisions will be made by the club's Director of Coaching.

Switching teams is rare, and is at the sole discretion of the Director of Coaching and Club President, not your desired coach. On the very rare occasion that a team switch request is honored, you will be assessed a $25 league team change fee. Each situation will be examined on a case by case basis, and the final decision will be made by the DOC and the Club President.

Heat United Soccer Club participates in the USYS Kidsafe Program, which requires background checks on all officers, directors, volunteers, employees, coaches and program administrators.

Please contact us for any specific questions.

  • Suspend playing/practicing IMMEDIATELY if there is ANY LIGHTNING.
  • Shin guards are mandatory (under socks) for games and practices.
  • No jewelry may be worn for games or practices.
  • Regular eye glasses are allowed must be securely fastened and covered by goggles. We strongly suggest purchasing sports glasses instead.
  • Hoods must be tucked inside jerseys.
  • Jerseys must be tucked into shorts
  • If there is an injury on the field, we always err on the side of caution, and play will stop while the injury is assessed. We will call an ambulance anytime a head injury is suspected.
  • NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO HANG FROM OR SIT ON TOP OF THE GOALS! Although they are securely anchored and/or counterbalanced, don't tempt fate! Accidents can happen at any time.

If a team appears to be dominating the game, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, the leading coach should put his strongest players on defense or rest them on the sidelines for a short time to allow others to gain game experience.

The Park District may cancel games because of field conditions. On game day it is the decision of the Director of Coaching as to whether or not a game should be cancelled. In such cases the team coach will be notified of cancellation two hours prior to game time.

Heat United teams typically play in rain, but at the first sign of lightning, games and practices will be suspended or cancelled. Once at the field it is the coach’s decision whether or not a game should be cancelled.

Please contact your team coach or team manager ASAP if your child is ill and unable to attend a practice or game. Early notification for missing a game is essential for your coach’s planning.

Heat United SC cannot guarantee your child will be on the same team year to year. At some age-levels there are multiple teams, at others there isn't an age-specific team. Based on the skill levels and number of age appropriate players at try-outs, the Director of Coaching will decide on the make-up of teams.

Concerns about playing time should be discussed first with the team coach. It is the responsibility of the coach to document all concerns and attempt to resolve them. If the coach is unable to resolve the concern or is unresponsive, the Director of Coaching should be contacted immediately.

There are several factors that may contribute to how much time a player spends in the game. Every player with a perfect practice attendance record will play in a game. But because Heat United plays competitive travel soccer, players with the strongest individual and team skills will play the most.

We believe academics are a priority for life skills. If you think your child needs to miss a practice in order to focus on homework or other academic projects, please contact your team coach or team manager to discuss what arrangements can be made. We expect such accommodation will be the exception and not the rule, however. If a child must consistently miss practice to keep up with academics, we feel the family should reevaluate their commitment to travel soccer.

We expect all players to follow the behavior guidelines spelled out in our Expectations from Parents and Players. Heat United coaches have an obligation to prevent behavior that could be detrimental to team development or cause physical injury. If your child has a history of problem behavior, please contact your coach to discuss how best to deal with it. The general discipline policy is outlined below. If you disagree with these guidelines, please contact your coach immediately.

Following a behavior incident:
  • The coach will talk to the player, explaining why the behavior is unacceptable and asking the player to stop it.
  • If behavior persists, the coach will have the team go through an aerobic exercise with the ball. This will allow the player to get their focus back while receiving some encouragement from their teammates.
  • If the behavior still persists, the coach will ask the player to sit on the sideline until the player’s parents arrive, at which time the coach will explain the behavior problem to them.
  • If the behavior persists at future practices, or if the parents don’t support the need for discipline, the coach will give the parents the choice of attending each practice so they are present to observe and enforce discipline of the player.
  • If behavior problems continue and the parents are still not supportive, the coach will bring the issue to Heat United’s Board of Directors, filing a written report with the league administrator with the intent of suspending the player and requesting the family to resign from the club without the option of a refund.

Your team page has contact information for your team coach. Other contact information can be found on the Staff page.