Message from the Director of Coaching

On the first day of my ā€œCā€ coaching course in Oklahoma in 1996 the Director of coaching for the USSF at the time, Bobby Howe, wrote this statement on the blackboard: Soccer: Play it! Like it! Love it!

It could not be more true to me. I really love this game! And it has happened in this order. Since then my mission has been to get kids to love the game of soccer. In the end, it is a "game" and it is a great game to get kids to enjoy themselves, develop physically and psychosocially. It will make friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

Kids that love the game of soccer will never leave it and for sure have a greater chance of becoming AWESOME soccer players. Our coaching Staff and I are facilitators to the process of Play it! Like it! Love it!

George Mihalopoulost
HUSC Director Of Coaching

Please download and view the below presentation on our development plan for your player(s).

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