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During the current shelter-in-place period, its important for the players to be active and maintain their fitness and foot skills (we know they're bouncing off the walls already). We were prepared to announce a practice-at-home curriculum but the recent direction from Illinois Youth Soccer is forcing us to be extremely careful about how it is communicated.

Bottom line, these programs are completely voluntary for the players. As such, we are providing resources for your player to keep active and improve their skills during this ordered shut-in. You must assume all risk for physical activity at your home. And to be clear, no players are permitted to use the fields at Mackeben or Union Special.


DOC Juggling Challenge

Juggling Challenge

Here is the way the challenge works.

Detailed Instructions: Go to Heat United Soccer Club Facebook Page
At the top of the page there is a tab that says posts
Click on that tab then upload the video.
If you have any issues just email me at: - Jeremy Reynolds your friendly neighborhood admin

Heat Exec board will choose a winner and give that winner a special prize!

Disclaimer: You Must be a Heat United Soccer Club Member To Participate

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All Fields Open

Game Notification will be posted up to one hour prior to the start of any game or event. Within 60 minutes of the start time of any event, determination may need to be made on site based on current weather and field conditions.

Always refere to your coach for practice locations and times in case of bad weather.

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